Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reading Patterns

I always get a lot of questions from my students on how to read a pattern.  Sometimes one page patterns are just as hard to follow then multi page patterns. 

Suggestions:  Always read the entire pattern before cutting any fabric. All the cutting instructions may not be right up front.

I use my highlighter alot to highlight key facts such as your block should finish off at
"---" or press seams in a certain direction or you should have 10 "X" blocks and 12 "Y" blocks.   Sometimes we get busy sewing and so excited about what all the fabric looks like together that we skip over some tiny details in the pattern.

The other suggestion is if you making a block for the first, get out your scrap fabric and make a sample block.  This way you won't waste your fabric esp if you have just enough to do the project. 
Then when you are finished put that scrap block into a box.  Once you have a build up of test blocks, make a scrappy quilt.  What a great way to have a charity quilt ready to donate when someone calls on you to make a quilt. 

Pattern designing isn't as easy as alot may think.  The pattern designers put alot of time into their patterns.  Some put alot of information to be helpful and sometimes they cannot put everything into a pattern because the pattern would go on for days.  We just have to read them thoroughly before starting a project.  I don't know where we would be without all the great designers we have out there.  Remember quilting is for fun.

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